Episode 13 – Questions part 5

by on September 20, 2013

Episode 13 Questions part 5 from Teresa Kogut on Vimeo.

Episode 13 – Questions part 5


Back in July, I sent a mass email to my list letting folks know they could ask me anything they wanted about my art and licensing career. There were several questions and some of the answers are lengthy so I divided it up into a mini series. Enjoy! (If you are not on my email list, click here)

IN THIS EPISODE I answer the following questions…

  1. When did you first become interested in angels and collecting them? (From Sandy Rippie)
  2. I was wondering if you would be offering your patterns as e-patterns in the future? (From Debbie St Germain)
  3. What is your favorite subject matter for you artwork? (Debbie St Germain)
  4. How much time per week is allotted to the "business" side of your business? (from Ann)
  5. Is the world of licensing products hard to break into? Do you have to have an invite or do you submit work to companies? (from Ann)
  6. Do you have an established work routine you stick to throughout the week? (from Ann)
  7. I have always looked forward each year to the Country Bears calendar. How do you keep coming up with fresh, new, cute ideas and sayings? (from Laurie Snow)

In the video I refer to some links that will help you to determine if licensing your art is right for you and if so, how to get started part 1 and part 2.

Hope you are enjoying this series. See you next week!

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