Episode 14 – Questions Part 6

by on October 15, 2013

Episode 14 – Questions part 6 (last one)




Back in July, I sent a mass email to my list letting folks know they could ask me anything they wanted about my art and licensing career. There were several questions and some of the answers are lengthy so I divided it up into a mini series. Enjoy! (If you are not on my email list, click here)

IN THIS EPISODE I answer the following questions…

  1. How did you sell your first art piece? (from Julie Bibb)
  2. Are you or would you considering making a new Quilt Jounal so we can record all of our projects? (from Linda Klungle)
  3. Are your fabrics still being produced? (from Linda Klungle)
  4. How do I get exposure for my Etsy store? (from Lynda)
  5. How did you get started in angel art? (from Kathleen Antidormi)
  6. What kind of patterns do you offer or are you contemplating some pattern business? (from Kathleen Antidormi)
  7. What are your plans for the future? (from Kathleen Antidormi)
  8. How did you hear about ACCA? (from Kathleen Antidormi)
  9. What forms of art are you involved in? Do you paint in oils, watercolors or acrylics? (from Kathleen Antidormi)
  10. Do you sketch first? (from Kathleen Antidormi)
  11. Do you do computer art? (from Kathleen Antidormi)
  12. What is Gather, Dream, Create Inner Circle? (from Kathleen Antidormi)

Hope you enjoyed the series. See you next week!

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