Episode 21 – Feeling Grateful

by on May 16, 2014

Episode 21 -  Feeling Grateful


Episode 21 – Thank you from Teresa Kogut on Vimeo.

Today’s video is about you and for you! I am grateful for everyone who has inspired and encouraged me throughout my career. I am grateful for all of you who have supported me by purchasing my work whether it’s an original painting, print, pattern or licensing product. Without you, I couldn’t continue to do what I do….creating for a living!

Many thanks and gratitude also for those of you who have taken the time to drop me an note, email me or message me to say how my art has touched your life. Sometimes I get so caught up in my day to day business and family life that I forget the real purpose behind what I create….hopefully bringing joy and peace into the home and maybe even inspiring others through the word of God. If my art can lift your spirits or be a reminder of the good in every day life then I have accomplished something that simply overwhelms when I think about it.

I feel God gives each one of us a talent and we give it back to God by sharing that talent with others. I am so grateful He chose me to be an artist and that I am able to share it with you. Full of gratitude for you today!


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