Episode 17 – Most Important Tip For Your Business

by on November 20, 2013


Episode 17 – Your Email List Is Most Important For Your Business

Even in the world of social media, email marketing is still the most powerful and important tool for your business. While it is important for you to relate to your audience via social media platforms, your top priority is to get their email address. The news feeds on social media are fast moving so not all your posts will get read by your audience, however, when you send an email blast to your list, you can rest assured that your audience will see it….but will they open it? That is up to you as well. Make sure you fill your monthly newsletter with helpful information. Here is a list of some things to consider putting in your newsletter:

  • personal photo
  • tell a little bit about a recent trip or vacation
  • share a joke (keep it professional, of course)
  • include inspiring quotes or share an inspiring story
  • tell a funny story that happened to you
  • share tips for helping them in their business
  • give advice to help solve a problem
  • share a family recipe
  • include links to the articles you wrote the past month
  • include links to any videos you’ve uploaded in the past month
  • share some exciting news….personal and/or business related

You can also send an email blast each time you write a new article or upload a video. Maybe you just have an amazing story or video you want to share only with the people on your list. Be careful not to bombard your audience with selling your products or useless information; that’s a sure way to lose them.

Watch this video for tips on collecting emails and building your list.

Comment below if you have any tips to include to help people build their lists. Thanks!

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