Episode 9 – Questions part 3

by on August 15, 2013

Episode 9 – Questions part 3


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Back in July, I sent a mass email to my list letting folks know they could ask me anything they wanted about my art and licensing career. There were several questions and some of the answers are lengthy so I divided it up into a mini series. Enjoy! (If you are not on my email list, click here)

IN THIS EPISODE I answer the following questions….

  1. What is your inspiration for the angel pictures? (same question answered in episode #8) Do they come to you at certain times or how? They are wonderful. (from Julie Bishop)
  2. What would you say is the first thing and/or the most important thing someone interested in marketing a craft should do? Have you ever done a painting or punchneedle of a Westie? (from Linda Detrich)
  3. I am a Yankee Candle fanatic & love your designs you did for them a few years back, especially the Halloween items. Any plans to design for Yankee Candle again in the future? Also, I did buy a few of the Halloween items you were selling on Ebay a few months back, any plans to list more Halloween items? (from Tammy)

I would like to add something to question #3….in the video I said that we licensed artists don’t get to pick and choose what companies we work with….what I meant by that is that we can approach a company and show them our art and ideas for products but it doesn’t mean they will work with us. It can go the other way as well. A company may want to work with an artist but the artist has the right to decline. So in a way, we can "pick and choose" but we can’t force a company to feature our art on their products.

Also, I mentioned in the video that I would share a link to an article I wrote from the viewpoint of a licensed artist. Click here to read it.

Hope you are enjoying this series.

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If you would still like to add a question, I am willing to do this again down the road (please make sure it isn’t a question that I’ve already discussed) so email me at teresakogut3@gmail.com

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